Friday, July 28, 2006

Here is a pic of my toaster oven tray,I clean it everyday I'm a bit of a compulsive cleaner and my husbands tells me that artist are not suppose to be like that.He says I should be free

Well thats the opposite of how I am I believe freedom is not something one can easily have, and it's easier to accept this than to fight it. So, this image on my toaster oven tray, I thought was funny My eldest son thought it was really ghost writting. Dali trying to contact us from the grave

I don't think ghost exist, or if they do, they wouldn't waste their time doing silly tricks like this.

I have begun another painting . One I owe to another artist because of a trade I love doing trades I have a really nice collection of art , all trades (well some bought)I have sold "Runway" and the other painting titled "Quilting"(the three figures )They were not dry yet and the buyer got purple paint on her hands (sorry)I'm trying to produce as much as I can ,but I find I'm getting a bit burned out . I may have to take a painting break I really shouldn't though there is a festival that I'm to attend in a month and I have only 2 or 3 works to show No rest for people with horns he he

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well here she is finished

I am happy happy happy

sorry the photo is so bad

The metalic paint never shows up well on photographs

Off she goes to gallery tomorrow

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is painting is titled "Secondary"It is the second time I've chosen the image and I've chosen secondary colors

I think she needs a bit more work The eyes are not as expressive as I'd like

36x36 Done with spatula I paint very quickly Sometimes I expect too much in an hour or so So I need to pace myself and be more patient I think tomorrow I'll rework some ruff edges of this painting, and post her again when finished.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This will be my next painting I plan on starting on a 36x36 canvas spray painted in gold then working orange purple and green with spatula over top

I feel good about this image and i can't wait to start something else I was kind of disappointed with the last painting

I feel it was too busy The more art I see I realize simplicity is key And it's a hard thing to achieve, it looks simple but it's not this is a photo of me taken by me last summer

It has sharp angles which I think the spatula will like I noticed that comment in english is means how in french or what Comment is a question?

I've tried my darnest to add links, but I can't . I think I'll have to get my tecky hubby to help me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

Our lovely tourist attraction

As you know or maybe not Shediac is the home of the biggest lobster(my 2 girls pictured here )We visited this gigantic sculpture for the first time.They have seen it almost daily from far away, but never up close
This is called a sculpture I don't know the absolute definition of sculpture,but I know that when I hear the word sculpture I associate it with Art
Craftmanship took place here,but I'm not sure about the artistic vision?
I have begun another painting somewhat like the previous one
Finished product will be in my next post

For anyone reading this
Do you think preliminary sketch is cheating?
I don't mean making a croquis I mean drawing on the canvas before painting.

Friday, July 14, 2006

To sign or not to sign

I have no image to post this time around I have been working on a commission painting and I don't feel it speaks enough about me to enter this blog
I have had great fortune in the past few weeks
I have no paintings left, I have sold everything,this week I sold three paintings
my last image posted was only in gallery for about thirty hours before it was sold (still wet)
I am very happy,but I have to wonder what the heck is happening I know I can't count on this sort of income on a weekly basis, so it makes things difficult to budget
My husband says he will quit his job. I laugh and say no way this is just temporary good luck!
I have always felt like I did not want to sign my paintings without really knowing why,until today.
Everything became clear to me, I do not want my ego interfering with my work
Hard as that is to believe me having a blog and all haha
I do not want to sell work because people recognize my name I want to sell work because the work is good
It is imperitive to me that I do not become lazy I don't want the quality of the work to suffer because people know who I am

I think this is why I hesitated to sign my paintings right from the beginning I cannot remain an anonymous artist ,but I will not rely on that signature {on the back of the canvas}to bring me money or glory Amen Glory to god who lets me continue working

Monday, July 10, 2006

This is my latest work in progress

This is a small section of the painting I've begun from the previous photo.

It's new territory for me to focus on other elements rather than copying an image

This painting is 30x30 done with spatula (some metalic paint)It reminds me of Gustave Klimt

Feminine, warm , stylish but serious

I sort of have a dislike for the fashion industry,i know we all need cloths and it's nice to have nice clothes.And it is art??but I do not like to be told what is in fashion.Lets not be fashion sheep

Maybe thats it's title instead of Runway it'll be called runaway

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I think this image has given me inspiration
something about the composition and colors just srtike me right in the pit of my stomac
i'll call it" runway' image thanks to sonnyphotos,my Australian photographer friend Posted by Picasa

Results are in

Today I received some very good news.My "Kitchen Party" painting was excepted in the juried show.The city also purchased the painting and have invited me to have a solo show in the near futur
I was not expecting such good results , I am very pleased.

This painting is titled "golden moment"
The metalic paint is hard to see but the yellow is renaissance gold oil paint.It's expensive to use with a spatula I don't care though, I love the result
this piece was sold at an art auction in may

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is my son Dean painting getting his hands dirty he is my youngest
I still have not gotten inspiration to paint
i'll be patient,
i find out tomorrow if "kitchen party" gets exepted into the juried expo Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This is me at work,which i'd love to be doing ,but sometimes life takes priority.Or is it the brick wall I hit in my creative path that makes me blame life's busy schedual for my lack of productivity.

I'm sure that every artist has the same lulls

They are like crossroads for me

which way do I go ?

whats next?

does what I do really matter?

what do I want or need out of this job?

Funny, I never consider what the public might want or need from my work

Maybe my demands of myself are far greater there is a lot of truth to the term

"We are our worst critics"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

this painting is four feet by three title"knowledge"when I finished this painting which was done over a glod underpainting very quickly aprox one hour

i felt like she couls see right through me straight into my conscience

i know that sounds like a lot of hoky poky but it's the only way to describe the feeling this painting gives me

It's Canada Day here there are fireworks going on outside I was hoping to see some today

how lucky am I