Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This is me at work,which i'd love to be doing ,but sometimes life takes priority.Or is it the brick wall I hit in my creative path that makes me blame life's busy schedual for my lack of productivity.

I'm sure that every artist has the same lulls

They are like crossroads for me

which way do I go ?

whats next?

does what I do really matter?

what do I want or need out of this job?

Funny, I never consider what the public might want or need from my work

Maybe my demands of myself are far greater there is a lot of truth to the term

"We are our worst critics"


Omega said...

I think that it is right that you should not consider what the public might want. That way madness lies for an artist, unless you want to become a salaried illustrator or graphic artist.

The big stumbling block I find is 'does what I do really matter?' I try not to go there too often.

amber said...

thats good advice

Ed Maskevich said...

Do what you love, success will follow.

amber said...

that sounds wonderful1

Squirrel said...

Everything we do matters in some way to someone. Hopefully it will be a positive effect!

I've been in a lull too. I hope we find inspiration soon. SQ

amber said...

Yeah SQ I think we both know them well as all artist do wait till it passes

Tracy said...

Frankly, I don't spend too much time thinking about my work and what direction to take it. I just jump in and work. For me, too much thinking leads to a painting block, which I think is different than a lull, which can be good. Kind of a rest, if you don't get to stressed about it, that is. It's all in how you look at it:-)

amber said...

yes i used to stress over it when it was new to me but now i've had a few and understand what those lulls are and how to benifit from them I think a block would probably be a lot longer than a lull my lulls last about a week