Saturday, July 01, 2006

this painting is four feet by three title"knowledge"when I finished this painting which was done over a glod underpainting very quickly aprox one hour

i felt like she couls see right through me straight into my conscience

i know that sounds like a lot of hoky poky but it's the only way to describe the feeling this painting gives me

It's Canada Day here there are fireworks going on outside I was hoping to see some today

how lucky am I


painterdog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
painterdog said...

Bonjour Amber!
Comment êtes-vous?
Thank you for visiting my blog. and merci for your comments.

you do nice work, très bon.
I am into the heads, they are very good.

Your web site address is an e-mail address. Is this what you want?

painterdog said...

You live near Prince Edward Island.
Your very lucky its so beautiful.
I have never been but my daughter goes in the summer and it looks amazing, red sand!

I want to go there and do some landscape painting sometime.

painterdog said...

sorry I removed the first comment.
it was not bad or anything I just wanted try out this translator website.
So I re-did the comment.

au revoir pour le moment.

Anonymous said...

Amber, I commented here two days ago and it didn't go through. Anyway, This is my number one favorite. She looks out with such a knowledge in her eyes. How can she be so liquid? How can she know so much? Soft and warmly alive! I like the abstract too. It has a life too. You are very good at smoothing your "self" on the canvas. I read you everyday. SQ

amber said...

painterdog where are you located?no the email isn't my web site i'm not great with the computer yet
I still can't post links
heronbaygallery is where i'm represented

painterdog said...

I'm in the Boston area.
Do mean links on the blog?

amber said...

yeah i can't figure out links & i can't upload my avatar
i'll evntually get it thanks for your interest in my art
blogging is fun

amber said...

Sq Thank you so much
Sorry I'm not on CJR more i'm finding more art interest here
you should get a blog too you'd be really good at posting
Take Care and keep posting

painterdog said...

I don't know if this will help.
You know how to upload images and write text.

If you go to the dashboard section when you sign in to your site, you click on change settings.

You get a menu:Posting: Settings: Template: View Blog.

If you click on Template you can see the html for the blog.

If you have no experience with html the blog help section is pretty good.

Or if you know someone who does web design that can help it would speed things up.

Anyway you get a window that is scollrable and you scroll down to what looks like this:The sidebar area in html:there will already be links for

You need to spend some time looking for the links, but this is ok as yuo can get used the way the coed looks.

You can copy and paste links in the sidebar section.

Hope this helps.

I was going to use the code but the text editor wont except the html from the blog, go figure.

painterdog said...

your lucky you live in Canada.
This country is screwed. We have been taken over by a quasi dictator.
God help us.

amber said...

Thank you so much painterdog i'll try
i'm happy to be in Canada I've never been on a plane and i'd love to go to Europe
someday hopefully my lovely country will send me there for art exchange trip

painterdog said...

sorry of the typos