Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is my son Dean painting getting his hands dirty he is my youngest
I still have not gotten inspiration to paint
i'll be patient,
i find out tomorrow if "kitchen party" gets exepted into the juried expo Posted by Picasa


Ed Maskevich said...

Getting motivated to work doesn't come that easy to me. It is easier for me to come up with excuses. Finally, I made a promise to myself that I would make at least 1 mark whether drawing, painting, etc.) a day no matter what. It was a goal I knew that I could always achieve. Some days it was 1 mark and that was it. Other days it lead to hours of painting. Dean is an intense young man. This is good.

amber said...

hi Ed
For me inspiration comes in waves when its good it's really good
When it's bad, i feel like i lost everything i knew,but I know it's really not so
i'll try what you said about making a mark a day
Dean is intense he's not three yet and having big conversation with visitors ,he's really funny

Squirrel said...

Beautiful boy! Both of you intent with brushes flying! SQ