Thursday, July 06, 2006

Results are in

Today I received some very good news.My "Kitchen Party" painting was excepted in the juried show.The city also purchased the painting and have invited me to have a solo show in the near futur
I was not expecting such good results , I am very pleased.

This painting is titled "golden moment"
The metalic paint is hard to see but the yellow is renaissance gold oil paint.It's expensive to use with a spatula I don't care though, I love the result
this piece was sold at an art auction in may


Omega said...

Congratulations! And lots of luck with the upcoming solo show.

amber said...

Thank you Omega

Tracy said...

The best results always come when you don't expect them;-) Congrats!

Squirrel said...

Fantastic news! You go girl.....SQ

amber said...

thanks SQ Be checking in cjr i miss you guys

amber said...

Thanks Tracy!