Friday, July 14, 2006

To sign or not to sign

I have no image to post this time around I have been working on a commission painting and I don't feel it speaks enough about me to enter this blog
I have had great fortune in the past few weeks
I have no paintings left, I have sold everything,this week I sold three paintings
my last image posted was only in gallery for about thirty hours before it was sold (still wet)
I am very happy,but I have to wonder what the heck is happening I know I can't count on this sort of income on a weekly basis, so it makes things difficult to budget
My husband says he will quit his job. I laugh and say no way this is just temporary good luck!
I have always felt like I did not want to sign my paintings without really knowing why,until today.
Everything became clear to me, I do not want my ego interfering with my work
Hard as that is to believe me having a blog and all haha
I do not want to sell work because people recognize my name I want to sell work because the work is good
It is imperitive to me that I do not become lazy I don't want the quality of the work to suffer because people know who I am

I think this is why I hesitated to sign my paintings right from the beginning I cannot remain an anonymous artist ,but I will not rely on that signature {on the back of the canvas}to bring me money or glory Amen Glory to god who lets me continue working


Ed Maskevich said...

It will become an ego thing only if you make it that way. It is hard, I know because I did the same thing as you. Customers want the artist to sign the work and they want it on the front. I compromise by using tiny initials that are hardly noticable.

Squirrel said...

It just seems "The harder you work, the luckier you get!!" Successful people know that. It works. Happy painting, SQ

Omega said...

ed m is right: if you simply have something small in a corner it becomes like a decent book cover where the title is bigger than the author's name rather than the other way round.

On the other hand do not knock it if people buy your work because of your name - as long as you believe the work is good, why not have it up somewhere where lots of people can appreciate it?

Tracy said...

Amber, sounds like great news to be selling all of your work. Hopefully, it will continue at this pace, but you are wise to realize that it may not. I save whatever I can out of my income for those slow weeks and months even, when nothing comes in, because you never know what can happen with you, and even with the world, to affect sales.

I feel that I must be firm here. You MUST sign your name to your work. Why risk losing credit for your work someday, or a possible referral to someone who is interested in your work etc, because the owner can't recall your name and can't spread the word about you? This doesn't have to be about ego, it is about getting recognition for something that you have put so much energy, skill and emotion into.

I have a painting that we bought about 10 years ago. The painter did not sign it clearly and it is not marked on the back. It is one of my favorite pieces and it drives me crazy that I don't know and can't remember the name of the artist. She should get credit for her work whenever anyone asks me whose painting it is, but instead I must say the artist is Barbara something...... I think.

Besides, what is wrong with a bit of ego? A healthy and not out of control ego helps us to be confident enough to show ourselves and our work. I am pleased when someone buys my work because of my reputation (though I am not too sure how often that happens:-)), I take that as a compliment and as a reward for years of hard work. I just don't see anything wrong with that.

Ed Maskevich said...

A quick art history lesson. Early in his career, Michealangelo carved the Pieta and did not sign it. Many people talked about the work and how beautiful the work was but they were attributing it to a better known sculptor. In the dark of night, Michaelangelo went back to the church with a hammer, chisel, and a candle. Across the sash on Mary's torso he carved the words, "I, Michaelangelo Buonarroti did this."

amber said...

Well I think you all have good points I loved that bit of history Ed I really love Michealangelo I think that he and Bernini have to be the best artists that ever lived
I know that I must sign my work Most buyers require that before they purchase a painting
I (usually) sign it on the back of the canvas
It's nice to have such a fountain of knowledgable artist Thank you for all your commments

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