Monday, July 17, 2006

Our lovely tourist attraction

As you know or maybe not Shediac is the home of the biggest lobster(my 2 girls pictured here )We visited this gigantic sculpture for the first time.They have seen it almost daily from far away, but never up close
This is called a sculpture I don't know the absolute definition of sculpture,but I know that when I hear the word sculpture I associate it with Art
Craftmanship took place here,but I'm not sure about the artistic vision?
I have begun another painting somewhat like the previous one
Finished product will be in my next post

For anyone reading this
Do you think preliminary sketch is cheating?
I don't mean making a croquis I mean drawing on the canvas before painting.


Squirrel said...

Amber, I never heard of anyone thinking making a sketch on the canvas first as being cheating. Why would you think that? Lots of artists draw extensively first. Especially in watercolor. Sometimes I draw and sometimes not. As a matter of fact, when I do watercolors, I draw first in black crayon. I like it to show through. Even on portraits.

I feel like I was there with you guys, thanks!

Can't wait to see your fashion picture! SQ

amber said...

Mm SQ I'd like to see those black crayon drawings you're talking about post one on CJR
I feel like it's cheating a bit I don't know why I think it removes the spontanety from the art?? maybe ??

Tracy said...

Well, for some people it changes the spontaneity and not for others. I don't sketch first, but many artists do. I don't think there are too many ways an artist can "cheat" unless they are lifting an image from someone else. You should do whatever works for you and for your art.

Ed Maskevich said...

Sometimes I do a sketch and other times I don't. Squirrel is right, lots of artists draw extensively including the great masters like Leonardo. You are in good company.

Squirrel said...

Do you think you are cheating yourself, not feeling the spontoneity that you want to feel? Or cheating the public by some deception on your part?

I will post some black crayon potraits in CJR. You have probably seen them, just not close up. SQ

amber said...

I do not sketch first i have wondered how other artist feel about this though
Tracy what is considered lifting an image? copying a painting??

Tracy said...

Well, yes, I'd say copying another artist's painting or photograph or other piece of art would be "lifting". Some artists do it intentionally, for study or to make a statement. But I was referring to artists who pretty much just copy someone else's work, put their name on it and sell it.

amber said...

Yeah I guess that bad unless you credit the collaborator

Angela Ferreira said...

I think it all depends of your style and technique. Abstract Art doesn't normally take sketch preparation in my opinion opposing from realistic art that takes a lot of sketch studies.