Thursday, July 20, 2006

This will be my next painting I plan on starting on a 36x36 canvas spray painted in gold then working orange purple and green with spatula over top

I feel good about this image and i can't wait to start something else I was kind of disappointed with the last painting

I feel it was too busy The more art I see I realize simplicity is key And it's a hard thing to achieve, it looks simple but it's not this is a photo of me taken by me last summer

It has sharp angles which I think the spatula will like I noticed that comment in english is means how in french or what Comment is a question?

I've tried my darnest to add links, but I can't . I think I'll have to get my tecky hubby to help me.


Squirrel said...

Can't wait to see it. Sq

Ed Maskevich said...

If this looks like any of your previous paintings it will be wonderful!

amber said...

Ah thank you Ed Did you find another van?

Ed Maskevich said...

Not yet, Amber. First I must save up some money.