Friday, July 28, 2006

Here is a pic of my toaster oven tray,I clean it everyday I'm a bit of a compulsive cleaner and my husbands tells me that artist are not suppose to be like that.He says I should be free

Well thats the opposite of how I am I believe freedom is not something one can easily have, and it's easier to accept this than to fight it. So, this image on my toaster oven tray, I thought was funny My eldest son thought it was really ghost writting. Dali trying to contact us from the grave

I don't think ghost exist, or if they do, they wouldn't waste their time doing silly tricks like this.

I have begun another painting . One I owe to another artist because of a trade I love doing trades I have a really nice collection of art , all trades (well some bought)I have sold "Runway" and the other painting titled "Quilting"(the three figures )They were not dry yet and the buyer got purple paint on her hands (sorry)I'm trying to produce as much as I can ,but I find I'm getting a bit burned out . I may have to take a painting break I really shouldn't though there is a festival that I'm to attend in a month and I have only 2 or 3 works to show No rest for people with horns he he


Squirrel said...

That really does look like it was signed by Dali himself. How funny. Watch for more signs. You just never know. SQ

Ed Maskevich said...

And just what is wrong with compulsive? Leonardo and Michaelangelo were both obsessive/compulsive. So am I but I'm not in there league. Be sure to send a message back to Dali.

amber said...

Nice to here from you ED I wouldn't say your not in their league, I'd say it's a different era

Squirrel said...

Amber, I hope you are painting like crazy.

Angela Ferreira said...

Hey Amber I am a bit of cleanness freak myself, I love everything tidy and everything has a position and place, I hover the floor almost everyday and my husband tells me all the time that is not the spirit of an artist. Well, my answer is: we shouldn’t stereotype what we want to be, every artist is an individual and we should be proud of being exclusive.