Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Discovery

I have not blogged in a while I guess after a bit of a painting lull I always tend to do soemthing new I began painting with a brick laying trowel if thats how you spell it??I know it's truelle in french This painting is not quite finished almost though a few more touches
Working with an unfamiliar tool gives a new challenge plus a rougher finish which i like. There is not much control with the trowel
This piece is 36x36 inches again done with metallic paint bronze and gold a little sienna in the darker areas
i think I will try this technique again I have a new model coming Monday,her name is Mar. She's a friend ,so it should be fun


Bart said...

Is that the whole outline of the trowel (spelled o.k. according to my dictionary) there where the left eye(to the viewer) is?
Now that is Fun!

One of the first thinks I thought was that the painting looks indeed finished, or nearly finished if you say so. It is so wonderfully ..uhm.. introvert. The absence of sharp detail reflects the state of mind of the sitter - so it seems anyway.

amber said...

Cool i think you described what I liked about this painting before I figured it out thanks Bart i'll post the finished painting

Omega said...

I find this image very powerful. To me it seems to be an expression of someone who cannot communicate, and barely wants to look, either. It feels very political to me, but beautiful, touching, and vulnerable. I love the very dark area at the top.

Ed Maskevich said...

I think it's great that you experiment with different tools. Years ago I used to use house painting brushes and rollers. You might enjoy looking at paintings by Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, and David Parks. They were from San Francisco, CA in the 1960's and painted people using big powerful strokes like what you are doing here. Like your work, it was very impressive.

Angela Ferreira said...

Great work Amber! I like the way you paint huge close ups, it’s very interesting and your technique is so different is almost like admiring a different art medium all over again.

amber said...

Thank you omega Ed i'll look up all those names you left I'd love to see some work thats similar to mine
Thank you for the nice compliment angela, you guys made my day
So any one think this painting is done?