Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Possible next subject

Feels like I've been gone for a very long time I have not painted in nearly a month
I always forget about inspiration and where it comes from
It comes from expressing a subject that an artist feels is important enough to share And for me, this means the need for models. So anyone who'd like to pose (look me up in the book)
My favorite subject is a reflection of women in their daily life. " Freezing the thought "
I have a solo show coming up at Gallery Moncton in June , so i'd better get hunting


Anonymous said...

Now that's a green dress! Ole! Strong background photo elements-- hardwood floor, warm yellow walls with contrasting white base moulding, elegant chair and interesting woman. As the observers, we're the ones in thought, reflecting on the content and composition.

While neither artist nor informed critic, it occurs to me that you might want to consider retracing some steps. The cafe painting you entered in competition some months ago was a nice figurative work-- appreciating a good (authentic) cappuccino in the right venue, I would have purchased it. Perhaps you could do something similar again, this time adding more detail, painting less loosely, challenging yourself technically.

To illustrate, look at the website of Roxanne Dyer, clicking on figures and then recent figures--"Quick Change II," and then "L'Habilleuse." Motion and energy in the former, a sublime face (frozen moment) in the latter.

Another illustration - check out the work of Patricia Canney.

Just suggestions. You're the artist, I'm the occasional writer, endeavoring to express ourselves creatively.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Craig
The interesting woman in the photo is me. :)) A series of women is whats in store for my next show; "Women in motion" will be the title.It's a reference to motion as well as an analogy to womens social progress. The cafe scenes are fun to do ,but maybe there will be time for that in the near future...