Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As I get older I'm finding the winters here getting longer and more unpleasant. Most times the sparkles on the snow and the crisp air is wonderful, but when there are snow storm every second day, and no sun to be found, it can get gloomy . So my friends in warm places send us up some rays :)


Anonymous said...


Is Heron Gallery your exclusive venue? How might I determine what works you presently have available for sale?


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig
I have work at a gallery called Mosaique in Dieppe
I also have a solo at CBC radio canada till the end of the month

I'm also easy to find if you be interersted in seeing some work
Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Thank you in return for the reply. Unfortunately (for viewing your art) or fortunately (because we're warmer here and you were looking for temperate encouragement), I'm in Arizona, USA. I've been in touch with Joanne at Heron Bay who's compiling a "virtual gallery" of your available work for me, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to acquire a nice painting. Keep at it--I've seen a lot of art and though not a critic, you indeed have found an energy to communicate.
Craig, a sometime writer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Craig for the encouragement I went to your given link and read some of your novel I'd be very interested in reading your book. Is it for sale in my area? I'll make to get in touch with Joanne about posting some of my work on line
Knowing that my work has made a connection (spoken) to someone makes me very happy

Anonymous said...

Merci bien, Amber.

I'll send you a complimentary copy of "From Dulce" at some point, because I appreciate your work, and you seem to be very family oriented (that's important). For what it's worth, "From Dulce" was printed in Canada. You may also want to view the web pages for my first book (search Cafe Whyoming). An excerpt was printed in Santa Fean Magazine (Santa Fe, New Mexico).

I look forward to seeing more of your painting, and acquiring something for my collection.

Craig, an occasional author

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting on the cover of From Dulce. Reminds me of some of mine (only much better) What dimension is it? I would guess 18x24 inches

I'm envious of your literary skills

Recently my written bio was critized for improper grammar(ouch!!) :)
That is why I paint , I can't write.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,

The painting was done by Jen Arribau of Denver, Colorado. You may have seen the link to her website on mine. I commissioned the painting, and have the original 12x16 oil on my wall. Your works are of course larger, and I'm wondering where to find wall space, but that's my problem--I'll make it work.

Thanks for the compliment regarding my writing. I hope you feel the same way after reading the whole book (From Dulce)! I'm happy with it, which you'll understand as an artist.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Joanne of Heron Bay sends.

Craig, trying to be less of a philosopher

sonny said...

Hey Amber,

you have dissappeared in a snow drift have you

Anonymous said...

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