Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Next Step

This morning's work led me to realise that the next thing i need to learn is leaving that underpaint peek through at key locations-according to composition (later in large areas)
thanks olga for pionting that out to me I could feel it, but hadn't accepted that yet:)
the photos aren't great


Olga said...

I think what I like about seeing different layers is that viewing the work allows for different possibilities. In Matisse's paintings, for instance the broken line, the patch of lower layer, the 'misshapen' limb all provide movement, possibility less often available from the frozen moment of a photograph. (Although the genius work of such as Cartier Bresson present us with such possibilities in photos too.)

Isn't it so exciting that our work keeps developing all the time!

Anonymous said...

Love this new piece as well.I love the sizes you use and your colors are gorgeous ! { under painting aside }:) I do loves eeing the under painting as well but, sometimes I think if we think too much about what's happening we can lose interest in the action of being in the moment again.Happy painting !