Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fini je pense?

I'm happy with the painting..but i'm always left feeling like i have sooo much technical stuff learn to before i can be liberated with al the creative things i want to try


Bart said...

"Fini je pense?" Try!

yeah, I am afraid the learning never stops, but that doesn't mean you cant produce great works along the way!
Suddenly things come together and before you know it you seemed to have done everything right, can happen every day. But too much thinking probably prevents it most of the times.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece - I love the colors and all the wine glasses.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bart for the wise comment i hope the weather in your area is better than it is here:)

Thanks sheri 2 more to paint before may first
:) thanks for visiting

Olga said...

I love it - and that chair is just great there. I think that it is fantastic that one never runs out of things to learn, and I suspect that the more free and unrestrained an approach we take to our work the more we will learn anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well said olga :)

happy creation!