Thursday, November 23, 2006

Art auction for fund raising

A few interestings have happened in the last few days -last tuesday there was an auction held for the Tree of hope
Annually a mutitude of events help raise money for cancer. I got a call last evening with some very good news that my painting did very well at the auction this is a great benifit for the charity and I was very happy about the outcome.... This is the painting titled "Flamboyance"36x48 oil on canvas(spatula) -Today I met Sheri Burhoe artist from Hampton (check links to see her work)
Again there was an auction we both have objects in for the adoption fund raising. I wasn't able to make the auction,but I did meet her and she is much younger than I imagined. I felt a lot older ,and she is also a lot taller than I'd imagined
I love my painting Sheri and I'll find a special place for it THANKYOU!
I was asked to do a commission portait today , something I don't normally do. I had the feeling I needed to do this one( instinct)
I'm still not painting I have no canvas yet and I"m thinking about entering a photo competition
So within the next few days I'll know what my next project is Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Amber - It was so great to meet with you today and exchange our works.You are so beautiful Amber, inside and out.Your children are all so sweet.I'm absolutely in love with the piece, thank you for trading ! I hope you find a perfect place to hang "Crow on Path" in your home.The auction was amazing, completely a full house and high bidders.The Foundation raised a good amount for the cause ! Mark & I hardly ever do anything together, so it was really nice to be able to go this evening.I'm going to take a picture sometime soon of your painting, I'll post it on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

P.S/ I seen your gorgeous chair !!! Some lucky person has it now ! It's not me unfortunately.

amber said...

Yes that was great, what an adventure
I'm glad the auction was a success would you share more info on the stats, bidders, crowd
Thank you so much Sheri I'll post a pic of your painting and our meeting today

Anonymous said...

When I receive my info in the mail - I will then know the exact amount that was raised through the event.The crowd was an enthusiastic one and the place was pretty much elbow to elbow.I'm sure how much your chair sold for, I think approximately $300. That's wonderful Amber, it was very pretty and of course I would have loved to own it but the price was out of my reach unfortunately.

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