Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This painting has never been seen by anyone but my family. I am not an abstract painter ,but sometimes I am tempted to try.
I feel it is what I called missed a missed attempt
A friend of mine once said that work you are not sure of should never be seen , I sort of agree with that
I think it should be seen, but should not be sold.
We are not flawless as humans,why should our art be any different Without failure, there is no success Posted by Picasa


harold hollingsworth said...

one often looks for the multiplicity of uses in abstraction, the impulses that can come out of one shape, much the way a poet looks for the cumulative resonace in a single word. One can look at abstraction as a multiplicity of signals that certain shapes can give off,the ambiguities of difference. I don't know if there are names for everything, but there are certain things we recognize. There is a resemblance between human veins and the trachea of the alderfly. There are biological simularities of appearance because there are biological simularities of need; by the nature of their own structure, they describe their own need to exist.

Anonymous said...

I lovethis one, and I'm looking at it to see what I can see, I just like looking at it


amber said...

wow thanks

Lori Witzel said...

A missed attempt?

Although the Web is a difficult medium through which to show pics like this, am not sure you missed.

A lot of interesting things are going on here, especially in those slightly run-over edges between colors.

Do more!