Monday, October 19, 2009

Lugwig & Sebastian

I've noticed that the music I listen to puts me in the rigiht place to create these paintings ..I'm grateful for that knowledge.

Bottom right-class demonstration 1hour 30 min
Top left-Commission almost done --I like this one It has mysterious lighting--both do


Ron Gravel said... did it again! Truly contemporary portraits that make photography look anemic in say that you're on a roll would be the understatement of the year! With regard to the impact of music on painting, I fully agree. In the span of one year, I went from blues Tuareg to Italian romantic music and jazz:))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those comments Ron.:)

Wayne said...

I simply love the portrait of Joan, it moves me to my core.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet- Thank You Wayne
and thx for the extra that I didn't notice till late last night :)
Joan is a lucky lady!

Wayne M said...

Hi ... I am still very touched by the portrait of Joan every time i see it. Thank you again so much for capturing both her obvious and inner beauty.
Did you happen to get to have a look at Conrad Furey's work? If you are interested in seeing the pieces still for sale (the privately owned pieces, including our 7 or 8 are not on his wife's site) see:
its too bad he died so young.

brindha said...


very very nice