Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Latest work

Well... life has not been boring here in Grand -Digue
Spring is here, and there's life everywhere
The first two images are of me My dear friend and fellow artist Monette Leger did this astounding work, she works in many mediums and is very skilled.
Now I on the other hand, differ a bit. I am not as adventurous
It seems recently I've been working seldomly [but very quickly] and only work in oils
I have a wondeful feeling about this piece


Shayla said...


Ron Gravel said...

Amber, you’ve been quite busy indeed! “Fantasy art” photos with enough impact to stop a war! An abstract work of art that is undeniably figurative, created with thick buttery paint in the spirit of total surrender, and triggering a whole gamut of sensorial responses, some of which being borderline “gustative”:))

Anonymous said...

Wow Amber ! She does do beautiful work, love the colors she used. The soft purple, blue and silver. Amazing, how fun ! Your new painting is great because it's so freestyle ! ;-)

Ron Gravel said...

Amber, didn’t realize it was an artistic collaboration between 2 Legers… an unfair advantage considering a genetic pool favouring the arts:)) A summer family vacation in Shediac is in the realm of possibilities next year… I’d like to go via the Matapedia valley…

Olga said...

Not adventurous! Pah! Participation is more than half of the performance artwork - indeed, without you it would be nought!

I love your latest both relaxed and enigmatic piece.