Friday, February 06, 2009


I guess I've been not doing much art for lack of subject and also dealing with recent events with my health. The first picture I posted will be my next painting. OMG I 'm so exited to start, I can see the finished product in my head and I hope I can get it looking like that . It will be 36x36
The next picture is me of course being Ok with my Alopecia Totalis.
3rd pic, two latest paintings. I'm getting back to work ,but my art will be taking a slight turn for the better I hope
I'm thinking better colors. Simpler compositions with empty spaces well positioned.


Ron Gravel said...

The upper picture is a stunner. It will be interesting to see how you resolve it on canvas. RE new works, beautiful pastel tones and soft colors… hope you can work fast enough to replenish galleries:). Your statement about wanting “better colors, etc…” made me think of something I read about the evolution of an artist and it goes as follows:

1. “An artist does not evolve, he is".
2. "The artist does not become better or more able with the passing of time. He evolves however by searching and by the way he penetrates into his exploration. He is differentiated in his expression and his quests. Also his phases, his mood and the way in which he sees things play a part.” Interesting perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...