Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to work

Well... I haven't posted in a while. The children are at school now and the routine has set in.
I've begun teaching classes in charcoal and oil which I absolutely adore. It validates my thoughts and keeps my drawing skills well tuned. The first pic(me in a wig) is the next painting I started today. The second is the last painting I did 5x5 (commissioned portrait)
I'm feeling fine energetic and ready to take the world on. Can't wait to get my next series going


Ron Gravel said...

There is a lot of emotion in that gigantic commission...thanks for sharing. As for the rest...looks like you are creatively alive!

Shayla said...

Glad I clicked on the commission. The eyes and lips are incredible. The shimmer adds a nice dimension and the colors you used for her skin reminds me of a sun deity. The gray background balances that nicely.

Already curious about your new painting. That's a great photo to work with. Love the dramatic lighting.

Plastic Card Printing said...

I like your work. It is full of feelings and enthusiasm. keep it up.