Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gigantic Commission

This painting is 5x5, portrait for a main character in a Canadian film This painting should be on the set
I hope the art director likes it


Veronica Funk said...

It looks beautiful already, Amber.

Olga said...

So, you're going to be in the movies now! Great.
Good luck with your alopecia problem. I know how devastating it can be when something as identifying as hair goes awry. At least you can put your energy into a positive direction now - I find that waiting for diagnosis is almost more distressing that whatever is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Veronica for the nice comments the support is very appreciated:)xox

Hi Olga Yes the movies!!lol
the only movie I'd be starring in would be a zombie movie
haha I have over come the trauma of the alopecia and shaved my head (no hair-no problem)
My friends think it was drastic ,but for me it was unavoidable
So I'm feeling fine.. free actually Thanks for visiting me xox

Olga said...

I see exactly where you are coming from - it's brave and bold, and extreme enough to think about coping with. Brava!