Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New work

I finally got to do some painting after chasing the doctors , seems I'm going to be fine.
Blood work showed a B12 deficency. This condition has been unknown and untreated for a few
years. Anemia causes lack of oxygen to all parts of the body, because of fewer red blood cells .
Shots of B12 monthly is the cure But I am good now and feeling strong
Thanks for all your supportive comments, thoughts and wishes
As for my work, I've been trying to produce . Painters festival coming up this weekend Yikes!!!
The kids are back to school on tuesday, so lots to do. My youngest goes to kindergarden I'm loosing my baby :(( I think an empty nest syndrome is on the way.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're well and working. I'm excited about school starting...though I understand the empty nest syndrome as I had been home with children for eleven years. Then I panicked and got a part-time job and volunteered all over the place. It wreaked havoc on my art, so I'm back to helping out others occasionally but putting the focus on my art first. It was difficult to get over that guilt feeling, but it has since subsided.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that advice. I'll remember what you said I won't take on too much and I'll focus on my art too :))

Shayla said...

My friend had that, from what she told me I guess it's quite hard for doctors to notice it (or maybe that was just her experience). Really great news that you're getting what you need!!

Enjoy the festival- hope you didn't get that thunderstorm in Shediac.

Lori Witzel said...

Glad to read you're feeling better and the docs found some reason you were not.

About three months ago I was found to be anemic (!) -- was so dang tired over the past year I thought something wonky was happening to thyroid or such.

Stay well, I love seeing all your creative energy!

Ron Gravel said...

Good for you...and these last works speak volumes about an artist still very much "in the zone"...

Olga said...

I'm just so pleased. And the work looking great too.