Friday, May 09, 2008

Nearly done

I've been feeling a bit more positive about the work and thats a good thing because the next few pieces coming up will be the key part of the show. I need to come into stride now
I'll be working on something new this weekend
Happy Mom's Day to all the women who dedicate so much time and energy into raising their families xox


Shayla said...

Can't wait! Are you having a vernissage? If so, when? (I'm inviting myself, heh, heh).

Anonymous said...

Yes ...I think on June 7th Saturday evening from 7-9
And of course I'd love it if you would come and bring Jason too
:))) I'd better get to work then
have a good weekend shayla

Sven88 said...

Since you're so busy, I won't distract you any by commenting on here...ooops!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work as always Amber ! Happy Mothers Day to you ! :) xo

Shayla said...

Post the date when you know for sure. Jason would love to come, thanks!