Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still frustrated

First let me apologize for the glare :(
Then I guess I can share my thoughts on why I'm so frustrated.
I love the palette knife....but it does not allow for fine detail or subtle soft line which lend to the three dimensions of painting that I love to see. So....I am trying to incorporate the brush for those parts. I now that once I learn how to do this properly, it will bring the results I want . But like anything else, learning something can take time and tremendous effort.
I'm also learning to play the piano ,which is difficult , but so rewarding .At least the learning pains of piano aren't a constant unpleasant visual reminder


Sven88 said...

Geez, all that frustration is going to give you migraine headaches! Maybe you should go a bit wild on this one, take the colours all wacked-out and abstract the image a bit. Sounds like a good idea, eh? And apply a bit of gin...

Anonymous said...

I like the colors and where the main forms are placed in this one.Congrats on playing the Piano ! I want a Violin someday.