Friday, November 09, 2007

dana is finished

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drips of paint said...

a lot of care & tenderness even using palette knife .... her light & dark read really well

Lori Witzel said...

Love the "action shots" of you at work...and the sense of scale it adds!

Been wayyyy busy but havin' fun out here, was glad to see your comment a few days ago. Hope all is fun and fine for you!

Angela Ferreira said...

Hey amber! How are you?
Lovely to see you still doing your striking large portraits. Hows the kids? hows life?
I loved the kid dance, craked me up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori I wish i had more time to visit and comment on blogs ,but life is so darn busy Maybe in my old age i'll earn some minutes - Lori i think you have a great vision Very unique your pics

I'm good the kids always have colds or something Thanks for visiting Angela I hope things are good with you :)