Sunday, October 07, 2007

Art Competition

Above my boxes of trinkets ,scarves and jewelery I've placed my latest little treasure A happy surprize it was for me to get 1st place with my painting of Shelley (in previous posts) If you're reading this Shelley ...Thank You!!!! For more info about this event visit Dave Skyrie and the Heronbay Gallery on my links
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drips of paint said...

congratulation and you so deserving the prize..... proud of you ...

the max medal is such a darling piece.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim there was a cash prize too Thats always nice :)))
I'd like to hear more about your paintings How you go about subject choice and such

Ed Maskevich said...

Nongratulation on your accomplishment. You work hard and deserve it. The B & B painting below is excellent. I think that this is one of your best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Ed and thanks for visiting :)))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations once again Amber ! Your piece is fabulous !

drips of paint said...

Cash prize is always welcome, right? time!

I would want to someday blog about my process a bit, but since I am still so new .. meaning I am out on my own painting for less then a year ... there is just a lot of experimenting going on. What I paint and how I pick the subject a lot is by accident.

Right now I am more thinking about what technique I want to try to experiment on more then the subject matter. Most of the painting now my focus is on manipulating the big color spot, the composition, the form & structure of the object as well as the surface quality of the painting.

I usually start with a photo but ending up usually putting in things from other pictures depend on what the composition need and I would change the color or the lighting to suit how I feel about it.

I do not know if that answer your question but I am afraid right now I really do not think to much about the subject... it more depends on how I feel in a particular day. i then pick up some photo and paint away. But usually I have 3, 5, 10 painting that I started so that probably tell you that I really do not think too much about it before I start.

Part of it is because I think I am still using this period to get milage under me.

But soon I'll be more focus in subject matter because I'll want to try out for a couple of the bigger juried show within the next 3 months. I am now just very vaguely thinking about it and really have no idea what I'll be doing... but I deem this is a good start.

perhaps I'll write about that after 3 months.

I am sorry that I simply typing away answering you instaed of spending more time in thinking about it because I'll be very busy in the next few weeks so i think I better type away or esle I would not be able to reply you. I hope you'll forgive me in this rush reply.

happy painting!

Shayla said...

Congrats on the win Amber, that's such a gorgeous piece

Juggling Jason said...

Congrats from me also