Monday, September 10, 2007

oh my Lull is back

I've been feeling a bit strange about painting lately I'm content with my sales, but sometimes production can feel robotic and I think I get tired . So therefore comes the confusing "Painters Block"
The first time I got it, I was very uneasy and thought I'd never paint again. Now through past experiences I've learned that I usually come out of them with a few little changes
Without change there is no growth , so I will welcome it with anticipation
(Dali's Metamorphosis means a whole new thing to me now)


Anonymous said...

Yes welcome change Amber, go with the flow ! :) Nice rooms below, looks like you've been busy.I have been looking at my Sunflower painting, thinking I have to get back into that but, I made soup today etc.instead.Painting is time consuming like any job and sometimes breaks are in order.

drips of paint said...

Well said Amber...

looking forward to seeing amber's metamorphosis ... take your time though

Anonymous said...

I started work on my sunflower painting yesterday, after I made

amber said...

Thanks for visiting Tim

I think I'll begin work again today or try to :))

thats great sheri I'll get to work to i'll check out your work as soon as i get from playschool with my little one

Shayla said...

Artists give so much of themselves when they paint. If we don't stop to refill, we end up on empty.

Sometimes I have to force myself to take out some play time. It works. Usually one of my favorite pieces is created once I'm ready again to hit the studio.