Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to school

Bye brother and sisters :(
Labour Day Art festival
Amber & Dianna(mom)
The weekend was great I made 5 sales and a possibility of 5 others My tent partener did well too 3 sales for her
Now I have a little extra cash to redecorate which is what I'm doing now(painting walls) I guess I just can't stop putting color on stuff


Anonymous said...

ohhhh.. that is so sad.. yet so funny. Hope the day improved for your little one! :o)


Shayla said...

First day of school is so nerve wracking!
Congrats on a great art show in Shediac :)

Anonymous said...

thanks janine my little one is fine now that he has the computer all to himself :))

Yes Shayla an adjustment for me too (empy nest)Sorry i didn't get a chance to go visit your site
Those festivals are tiring huh?:O

drips of paint said...

You got a wonderful life.. the cute little one, painting, and to top it off a possible 10 sales ... I can see big smile from you!

Thanks for your comments and I am happy you put me with link. If it is o.k. with you I'll like to do the same.

happy painting!

amber said...

That would be great Tim! i'll be keeping on eye on what you're up to.

yes life is grand:))))