Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shelley -my next subject
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Shelley said...

Hi Amber,
We got back to Ottawa today and I was very anxious to check out your blog. And WOW your next subject is me... as I sip my rosé I almost choked to see me right there for the world to see. Jon, wanted me to tell you that the photo looks great! That's a big kudos from him. I can't wait to see it on canvas. We'll be home for sure at X-mas, so I'll drop you a line then. You're so Awesome!!
See you then.

I'll will definitely check out your blog from time to time, and please keep in touch via the weeb.
It was a great experience to pose for you THANKS!

amber said...

good to hear from you Shelley glad you like it i bought a 30x40 inch canvas today and i can't wait to get started i'll post the painting throughout the process xox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping over to say hello on my blog. I haven't been on blog much lately, just enjoying Summer for now.

Looking forward to seeing the painting process :) Great subject and model.