Thursday, June 14, 2007

outside light

Finished wiring and doing sides. Sooooo happy i'm done . I think i'll take a few days off to regenerate the creative juices
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Anonymous said...

Wow - The Neighbors must think this display is awesome and certainly not something they would see everyday ?!Looks great Amber !

amber said...

:) Thanks Sheri

the neighbors probably think i'm very strange hehe

Olga said...

Great achievement - you must certainly need a break. Looks fantastic.

Shayla said...

Loved your vernissage, Amber. Enjoy refilling the creative juices!

Anonymous said...

Cool to see your blog Shayla I'll add you as soon as i get a minute

Your blog is great

James-H said...

I love seeing these outside.
It makes for an intriguing composition - esp. with the trampoline (which leads me to belive one should contemplate these pieces while in flight).

Anonymous said...

thanks james saw your blog, your stuffs really cool :)