Monday, May 07, 2007


This was my entry for the provincial art fair that took place last weekend I did not win my yearly ribbon (a bit disapppointed)
So after the week show was over,I decided to bring it as replacement to The (my)exposition at the Mosaique Gallery It was sold shortly that night after I dropped it off

Happy happy me I had doubts about my work after the competition I think the reassurance that I'm on the right track is better than money :)
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Sharon said...

Never ever doubt yourself. Sales speak louder than words! Words of those judges, that is. Felicitation! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Amber on your sale ! I find competitions a really hard thing to go by as far as validating your work because there are so many artists in these events and so little artists to pick as winners.I love your figurative works and your florals too.

Bart said...

Like it or not, but I have "tagged" you as I was caught up in the tagging storm that is ragging at the moment.
My posts explains the system. Feel free to join or decline of course.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Competitions are fickle, IMHO. Perhaps you'd won SO many prizes they thought it "only fair" to let somebody else win.... they could be planning a "lifetime achievement award" for you!
Sorry to read about your uncle... and very happy to find you via LW's blog.