Thursday, April 05, 2007

Started this yesterday still a few sessions to go her head is not right ....and that just won't do!
i like the colors though
I want movement in this painting, so i'm trying to paint as loosely as possible
I'll post finished work soon:)
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Sheri Burhoe said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece.Do you start working from dark to light and is the entire piece from start to finish done with a knife ? or do you sometimes use a brush.Your work has a soft look to it, I guess because your edges are not as hard ?!

amber said...

hi Sheri

I start with a colored underpainting--sometimes blue sometimes orange

then situate the composition with the same acrylic paint with a brush==much like a sketch....then i begin with the knife

i guess i do start on the dark...side of things :)

Cross said...

Your colors come across great on the web! This one brings Toulouse-Latrec to mind, although it is hard to say specifically why. I'll watch for the finished version.

(ps.. the word verification below says 'fobdmsod'. I think I'll title my next work that. )

Anonymous said...

yes i'd say the colors are the same here i'm learning more about color I think it's making me a bit insane...:o