Friday, April 13, 2007

my living room today

Work is accumulating for an upcoming show in 2 weeks . So the count down is on
I'm a hard worker ,but also a Terrible Procrastinator

how many paintings can i produce in 14 days ???

the one on easel was done today--- still more to finish


Anonymous said...

Your new one is beautiful ! I love all the color your using this year in your work.It's a nice switch from the more monochromatic pieces.I'm the same way - I panic the last month and crunch as much as possible in.It's funny,I don't know why but, I guess it works for me and you as well I see.Really great work !

Bart said...

Terrible Procrastinator or not, it still looks impressive to see the paintings gathered like that.

Anonymous said...

thanks guys thats encouraging

Anonymous said...

Amber how much is that piece with the woman and girl together - the last piece you did ? Will you email me with that info.Thanks.{ My contact info is on my blog }

amber said...

hi sheri it's part of the may show----usually my 36x36's are

I want to go see the art in Saint John sometime would be fun to go on an art trip sometime

i need a someone who knows the area what do you think

i still want to use you as model--when the chance comes around:)