Monday, March 26, 2007


Olga said...

There are 'purist' art critics in the UK who deplore the use of photographs as preliminary sketches for paintings. I however, love the way that you skillfully use cropping and our familiarity with the relaxed frozen moment 'now' of photography and add the emotional elements with the paint. Brillian stuff Amber! How I wish I could see the actual physical work.

Anonymous said...

funny you say that i was having a mental debate with myself

i don't know how to paint from my imagination but surely i will someday

Bart said...

Yeah.. it's an old debate, the use of pictures. I use them as well but try to do my best to be aware of the important drawbacks. Cropping is one thing that is good to think about, assuming that one tried to take the best shot, but that one is not forced to follow the size or composition the camera dictates.

I noticed that so far you didn't feel like following the picture to a great extend as concerned to the depth created by the fact that the main figures are more in shadow where they meet. That might be a (un)conscious decision as your paintings are more about strong colour and the impact they make than a smashing realistic (what ever that is) rendering.

Looking forward to see it progress. Like it a lot so far as usual.

Anonymous said...

hi bart hope you are well each has an opinion creation purity

i think all my decisions are made according to what i need to learn from each piece
whatever that may be :)