Monday, January 15, 2007

not sure about the title of this painting

i'd love some suggestions sorry about the flash
It's not quite finished,but i sure wish it was . I'm beginning to dislike it Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi there Amber,

I really like this piece, it reminds me of something or somewhere familiar. The kitchen I think symbolizes unity where family meet and share their moments. The words "interlude" comes to my mind and also "la grande visite". Anyways I like it !! Talk to you soon.

amber said...

thanks for stopping by i'll take your Grande visite I like it
call me when you get achance take care

Gail Rhyno said...

Okay...either I'll give you an idea, or make you laugh which will clear your mind and you'll be able to see the title, but I can't resist this little creative exercise: Gather, Coffees on, Hope the bathroom is clean, Arrive, Warmth, Home, Wander (hmmm, don't know where that came from)...and something about 'I wish that's what my visits felt like' family gatherings are all so stressful, yet that one seems warm and like it's just begun and will go all night. Oh and 'Hope the bathroom is clean' really.

Lori Witzel said...

The first title-thought that came to my mind?

"What They Didn't Know"

I don't know what they didn't know...but I suspect neither do/did they.

Anyway, hope that helps, or at least gives you a grin!