Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Snow

Last night I went outside and was taken with how beautiful the first snow always is . I forget from season to season what things look like.
So I decided to take pictures it was dark so the lighting is strange
I finally did manage to paint I had a trade of art to make good on
I guess i'd been to busy to settle down long enough to paint it I'll post a picture of before I trade her
I'm receiving for exchange a pastel work by Suzanne Dallaire(I'm very happy to have one of her works) I'll also post a pic of it and Sheri Burhoe's painting as well
I found a great spot for it Sheri it's perfect :)
I got some good news this morning , HeronbayGalery sold Full Bodied and also Mr Georges Goguen offered me an exhibition spot at the Aberdeen Cutural Center in Moncton I accepted ,it is in January 2007
I have ideas for some new work I'm getting excited about trying something different Posted by Picasa


Sheri Burhoe said...

This photo is really interesting, it looks almost as if it's in the ocean.Very pretty.I'm happy to hear you've found a spot to hang "Crow on path" ! I'm enjoying your painting as well, thank you ! Congrats on your upcoming exhibition and the sales !

Ed Maskevich said...

This photo is absolutly beautiful!

amber said...

Thank you sheri i really liked your bird house love the colors

Thanks for stopping by Ed I tried but couldn't comment on your blog because i don't have the new blogger yet
I'll get to changing it soon

Lisa Call said...

This photo is wonderful - the shadows and colors from the lights at night are great.

Congrats on the sale and exhibit spot!

Anonymous said...

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amber said...

Thanks for your comments

except for that spammer