Sunday, October 01, 2006

second session "full bodied"

A few projects on the go right now,-portrait commission 11x14 - painting on chair for charity
-this painting for a new gallery that opened nearby called the Mosaic-Varnishing my competition entry, that will be next friday
I'm learning about using pure pigment (on my own)
I know it's better,but I find the colors a bit too much
Maybe too many colors ,thats the problem
I get a little over zealous


Ed Maskevich said...

Pure pigment is a wonderful thing. You are correct, it can be overwhelming. If you don't know about complementary colors then learn it. They can help to tone down the intensity. Too many colors can be a big problem if you are not ready to handle it. My palatte consists of about a dozen colors, more than that it can be overwhelming for me. All the other colors I achieve come from inter-mixing or tonal variations. Don't worry about mistakes, you can learn much from them. You do good work. there are no set-backs only lessons.

amber said...

That is very encouraging thank you Ed
In time i guess I"ll figure out what my color palette is.I sometimes feel like I want to know everything right now,which i know is impossible,like I'm going 160 in an 80 zone I need lessons on how to slow down:)

Lori Witzel said...

Or you could just be silly like me: "Why burn the candle at both ends when you can use an oxyacetylene torch in the middle..."

I like Ed's guidance in this.

And I love seeing all these fresh works! Makes me happy to see your energy running!

Anonymous said...

I love this Amber, really great piece ! :)

Angela Ferreira said...

Hey Amber your work looking great, good luck with the competition.
If you get a chance I would love to hear your opinion about painting the sides of the canvas, I just posted in my blog.
Cheerio darling!

Sharon said...

Hi Amber, good luck/bonne chance with the upcoming competition. I love all of the colours you are using, or at least what I can see on the blog! Stewie and I are here relaxing at the Ronald McDonald House ce soir. His treatments went fairly well, but his blood counts are very low. YIKES. Looks like he will be home from school at least until his blood will be tested again next week in Moncton. The train ride was GREAT! Sorry, most of this message was not art related. Can't find a way to send an e-mail from this computer??? Take care. Sharon

ThomP said...

Thanks very muchly for the link to fuzzy:) MMWWAAHHH

Refugee from Reason said...

This is a wonderful piece. I'm not at all certain why, but it reminds the of the old Ashcan group, Glackens, etc.

amber said...

I know who you mean.And i think I can explain why.Glackens if i remember correctly had blurry contours which gave the effect of motion and painted rather quickly which is what I do
thanks for the nice compliment