Thursday, October 19, 2006

painting demonstration

I was asked to do a demonstration on how I do my palette knife paintings
I was very nervous,it was the first time doing this. I thought that maybe under pressure I wouldn't be able to create ,but it went very well. The more time went by and as the painting came along it got easier.Of ourse as we all know you can't please everyone, but I was honest. Thats what counts. I 'll post pics of the event as soon as I get them.
Every one in my house is sick, and hubby's home from work. So My computer time is being cut short.I'm looking forward to catching up on everyones blog as soon as possible.


MrVince said...

I'm very pleased to hear that your class went well. You are probably a very good teacher and I'm sure most everyone got a little something. Sorry to hear about everyone being sick....I know that's tough. Perhaps we can share some techniques this evening (Thurs) or tomorrow, either way I'll look for you.

amber said...

hi MRVince,great to hear from you.
It will have to be on monday:( looking forward to hearing what you're up to

Anonymous said...

Your demo went really well. I just hope the part about ignoring the rules sinks in. It was nice to watch an artist paint
as opposed to a painter paint. Charles Bukowski said once that "when the spirit wanes, formula takes over". I sense the spirit is in you for a long, long time.

amber said...

thanks dave
I appreciate that very much and I hope your right