Tuesday, October 24, 2006

choices choices choices

I've been having a little painting slump lately ,which is ok.They used to scare me ,but now that I've had a few of them, they seems more familiar. I also realize they will be a continuous occasional occurance.
Most times I come back from them a changed artist . I have been doing a lot of thinking about reasons for art. Why do we do it ? Who do we do it for? What is real,honest art? and the biggest of all Does it bring happiness? I know each artist would answer these questions differently. This is good Vive la difference! Sometimes.... it is hard ..to be opened minded enough.. to know there is truth in more than one answer....


Lori Witzel said...

Why do I do it? Have to slake that thirst.

Who do I do it for? My muses -- the people who respond and resonate with the work, amplify it through their feeling reactions.

What is real, honest art? Well, I've been fooled by people who seemed real/honest but weren't, so hard to say about what people create.

Does it bring happiness? To me, it brings the kind of happiness that any intense engaging high-risk high-flow process brings -- it's not always fun, but sometimes it's happiness to wrestle with the angels.

amber said...

very well said Lori,I agree totally.