Monday, September 18, 2006

Pommier en fleurs

This paiting was done by Piet Mondrian now i forget what year but it was probably before his complete primary abstraction
I did not particularly care for his work,but while reading about him stumbled across this piece.
I have found that my ignorance can lead me to create opinions I may like to change in the future.
Now ,when I see Mondrian's work, I will relate it something i like and maybe find relationships between his works
To get a good effect of this painting squint your eyes at it, and all middle values disappear and we are left with just the essentials Posted by Picasa


Omega said...

Have you seen Mondrian's flower paintings? I think that you might like this one for instance:

Sheri Burhoe said...

This a beautiful piece Amber.I think that sometimes we don't like a certain thing and don't really have reasons for it.I have noticed there are many people like this.It's a real shame and can be to such a degree, as even being prejudice towards others.

Thanks for sharing Mondrian's work today !

I found this painting by Mondrian that I find is simply beautiful.

amber said...

Thanks for those images Very interesting
I guess I had not seen all of Mondrian works

Lori Witzel said...

Kewl y'all mentioned his gorgeous flower paintings. They sorta of blew my mind re: my ideas about Mondrian back when.

And I read he was quite a fan of jazz, and dancing. When I see his very spare primary grids, they always remind me of bright jazz rhythms from the mid-30s to the mid-40s.

Such austere art with such a lively heart!

Angela Ferreira said...

Although the lot of square-look-alike paintings can be have a clinical feel and lack skill and personality sometimes, I have to say I found this beautiful piece you have posted attractive straight way. It is stunning and has a spirit… not sure about the flower paintings either…

Squirrel said...

Amber, I love that. I'm going to research Mondrian. It's wonderful to see all the things I never would have If we didn't share. Thanks! Squirrel