Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I began this today, it mesures 36x36 inches
This blog is turning into a painting a day blog even if thats not what my intentions were.
the coordinator of the Delta hotel has invited me to be part of a group showing (theme florals)
It begins next monday ,I accepted. Being fully aware that I would have to work under pressure to finish quickly
Maybe this is the best way to work.


Sheri Burhoe said...

Beautiful ! Congrats on the group show, I'm sure you'll finish...pressure can be good, I guess.

Tracy said...

The pressure definitely helps me get things accomplished.

I am amazed that you can do such large paintings so quickly. I think these flowers you are doing are lovely.

bridgette said...


Do you paint in oils or acrylics?

And thanks for your offer of advice!

amber said...

i used to only paint in oil ,but now i start with acrylic and finish in oil I find that saves on paint