Friday, September 08, 2006

Calla Lily

36x36 Calla Lily oil on canvas Here is the last floral I will be doing for the Hotel (for now)Next, I need to paint "White Orchid" 36x48 as a commissioned work for a friend of mine:)It will be finished this week coming After that, I will fininsh my competition piece "Empty Chairs" I can't wait to get to doing that one.


Sheri Burhoe said...

Your floral pieces are fabulous Amber ! You said before that you use a spatula, mostly, for applying paint, is that correct ?

Gramercy Galleria said...

Wow, Amber, I love your florals --this one and previous. Your colors are just beautiful -- awesome.

amber said...

Thank you sheri yes a painting nife
Nice to meet you Robin I like your work too