Sunday, August 20, 2006

You win some you loose some

Darn my silver underpainting didn't work.The paint wasn't smooth like the gold spray
the silver paint tinted all the other paint i'd put on the canvas. I should have learned from the previous time I tried it.
I guess now the Orchid has to be a palette knife painting I will cover the canvas tonight with spatula work and post the fininshed product when done


Angela Ferreira said...

What type of silver underpaint do you use? Could you show some examples of the process? Only if you want of course.

amber said...

well the process doesn't involve very much When I mention gold or silver underpainting it's just spray paint on stretched canvas I go outside cover the canvas with gold spay paint right from a can and paint over that with oil paint
I discovered this by recycling I wanted to cover an old painting i also found the look of metalic changes with different lighting which i really like