Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yahoo! Room's done Now just the kitchen to paint i also did an impulse painting this morning for an upcoming festival Can't wait to begin my previous image painting
My question today is
Is it better to keep painting when you don't feel like ,to keep warmed up, or is it better to take a break and wait until you feel the inspiration to create? Posted by Picasa


Bart said...

:-) Can't answer "today's question"!
Sometimes I paint when I don't really feel like it and (therefore?)create a nice work, sometimes it is the opposite. I try not to stress myself too much. If I really don't feel like it I usually try to find something else to do (painting, drawing, reading) to keep my motivation up and running.
But I know that my way of painting is different from yours. Think that finding the right balance between disipline and motivation is something personal.

Susan Foss said...


thank you for your comments re: my green apple and "sexy pear" paintings! I have done similar paintings can see them on my other website
My blog is more of a commercial venture; a painting-a-day type thing. I find working on smaller, quicker pieces simultaneouly with my larger works helps to keep me in the studio, even if I get "stuck" on the larger works.
On another note, I wonder if you would be interested in exchanging links with me? I like your perspective on things! Let me know.

Have a lovely day,


Lisa Call said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months and love your work.

As I work with fabric and make quilts it can take weeks to complete a single piece and I find it fascinating to watch painters as the process is so much quicker.

So for me the question "should one continue to work on their artwork even if they don't feel like it" is a clear and loud "yes". Although there are many different processes I employ to complete each piece (some requiring more creative energy than others) so I keep several pieces going at one time and can select work that fits my mood each day.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this question as you work so quickly and I would assume quite intensely.

amber said...

Bart i think your answer is a wise one and pondering the question through last night I've come to the conclusion that it is best to work through tough creative spells even if nothing comes from the work, experience comes from all experiments

Susan I'd love to exchange links with you Will do that tonight (add you on mine)

Lisa I also read your blog and admire the patience you have to create such beautiful art it it a good quality to be patient and pensive

Tracy said...

I tend to think it's a good idea to keep working, on something, at least. The discipline from that can really help you through the not so inspired times, especially the ones that have bad timing, like right before a show or something. I treat painting as a job, I work everyday for the most part and so even if I don't feel particularly inspired when I start working I usually do after a bit. I also have limitations. I can only really work during the day when the kids are at school, so I have to be disciplined enough to utilize that time.

Of course everyone is different and certainly some can only work when inspired. Whatever works is good I think.

amber said...

Thanks Tracy! Good advice

Angela Ferreira said...

In between paintings I take a break… I read some books do some research, make some drawings and then I am ready for another one.
I have notice that if I jump straight to another painting without previous preparation or thought sometimes it’s like wasting time and materials. I like to plan ahead but also work spontaneously when inspired, in the end I take a seat with a cup of coffee admiring what I accomplished and suggesting myself what could be improved.
But of course everyone is different and what you should find what works best for each of you.

amber said...

I think we are probably, somewhat, all similar
Everyone's comment sounds like how it is, and how it should be