Friday, August 11, 2006

Worked about an hour today on this will ,need about 2 more hours to complete .My schedual with the kids is very hectic i hope to fit painting in this weekend even with visits and traveling
I have a good feeling about this painting .no doubts which is rare.


Ed Maskevich said...

I am looking at this series of images and I am impressed. I can only stress, be careful not to try to fit something in, like time to paint. Paint when the time is right. Great color on the foliage.

amber said...

You are so right Ed I'll remember to follow that advice
I think the best work comes out when you really feel like inspired to do it

Pilan said...

Amber, wonderful!! I am really watching you. I love the way you are putting in the different tonal areas. I love your style. I wish Ihad my studio built to enjoy painting this large.


amber said...

Pilan Thank you for the nice comments,i don't let not even having a studio stop me from doing large work i do them in my dining room, it works as long as the kids keep their fingers out of the wet paint (and any other objects they might find)
Where there is a will there is a way

Pilan said...

ha ha!! a real taurus no doubt!! I am painting in my kitchen. I just finished a 15 x 30 still life after painting minis for so long. Its on my blog.

Not only are you amazing artist Amber, you are an inspiration!!


Angela Ferreira said...

Hey Amber!
It's looking good! Interesting tecnique you have. I enjoy looking at your progress.