Friday, August 25, 2006

Maybe not so heavy this time around

The first sweet pea painting has not satisfied me I feel I want to paint it again only this time with a little /Tracy influence tangerine ond orange I will add maybe a powder blue This image is not the painting just a guideline for what I would like to try hopefully I'll get a chance to paint tomorrow Posted by Picasa


Lori Witzel said...


Hope you're having a peaceful start to the weekend.


amber said...

I wish it was so ,but all 4 of my kids woke up wining for a place in my bed and fighting (Mommy Mommy that one touched me she won't let me play) Guess I'd better go shopping this morning to get a little peace

Squirrel said...

Lunch with a friend, that's what I'm sayin! SQ

amber said...

Sounds good When are you coming :)

Tracy said...

Amber, you flatter me!

Look forward to seeing what you do with this.