Friday, August 18, 2006

Here it is I worked until 1am My husbands is shown in the back putting wire hooks on for me
I thought the scale of his head gave a good idea of how big the painting is


Squirrel said...

Amber, you seem to be able to capture a wonderful life in your paintings. Even the photos you take are great! SQ

Sharon Owttrim-Fraser said...

hi amber, I can't believe you finished this painting in one evening!!! WOW Looks great.

Angela Ferreira said...

Dear Amber this painting looks very differently from the photo; it seems like you made a self portrait based on the picture of the girl. It's interesting!
How can you have energy to paint in the evenings? Does the artificial light bother you at all? How do you feel in the mornings after you have been working late?
I am not an evening painter, so I am curious and impressed!

amber said...

Yeah it doesn't resemble the photo much
Thats because when you're working up close to a canvas that size the proportions are super hard to get right
you have to be far away to see it I'd have to paint with an 8 foot paint brush to really see what i'm doing
In the morning, I'm usually unimpressed with myself
We are our worst critics

Tamarae said...

Amber you amaze me each time I see your awe inspiring creations! Keep those artistic fingers moving!