Monday, August 28, 2006

First session

I know this doesn't look like much right now,but to me it is the skeleton of what is to be
Before I begin a painting, I always try to visualise it first. I know I'm ready to begin when I can see it.The title of this 36x36 oil on canvas is " Empty Chairs"


Ed Maskevich said...

I liked your comment on trying to recreate Tracy's pallette. Whenever I've tried to be someone else, other than me, it has never gone well. I like Tracy's moody and musky colors but when I try to use similar colors they always come out loud. I look at your pallete and I like it. It is who you are.

Tracy said...

I may be wrong but I took Amber's first comment about my colors to mean that she would try to use an unexpected color in her image, not necessarily the same specific colors. Which would be difficult since, as Ed points out, we do all have our own color sense. And I also really like Amber's palette. But I do think that using an unexpected color, is a good way to stretch and grow as an artist. I am not saying that you need to grow, Amber, just that changing up the colors is a good way to do that if you so desire.

amber said...

Thank you Ed for the nice comment, it is reassuring Tracy as I always mention in my comments to your blog I find your color use to be your strong point, and I guess maybe my weakness
Experiments and change are growth

The growth, I think is never ending. That is the fun part about being ( called to be )an artist.
there is always something new to try

Anonymous said...

Hi amber,

I just love this piece, I think it's one those that let's your mind drift off and imagine a story around the life of each individual appearing on the canvas. Or those missing from the painting if that makes sense ?

A bientot Marie.

amber said...

Sure does make sense. Thanks for the encouragement,see you soon