Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well this blogging thing I don't quite get
I want to share my art and see other art , but i don't understand why i should think anyone would be interested in what I have to say
or expect response
i've been searching blogs and finding that it's like a reality television show
Area of interest are mearly the chanel you'll select
Ok so today i am also puzzled by grocery items they say you could win if the thing makes a moo a laugh ?? whatever
When you want to puchase milk because you need to , it's annoying when you loose only to be disappointed (mildly disappointed mind you)when you didn't even want to win in the first place

I'll be completely honest


Tracy said...

Hi Amber, I really like the portraits, this one is particularly striking. Nice colors.

Ed Maskevich said...

Amber, this is a striking painting. The bold simple shapes are great! Strong shape, strong color, strong composition, everything I love and incorporate. Good to meet you, another artist whose work I like.

amber said...

thank you so much it means the world coming from established artists
my career as an artist has just begun and I'm finding
i feel like
i'm growing rapidly in my work as well as my taste in art

Squirrel said...

Amber, I'm so glad you fixed your site so that I could comment too.
This is my favorite but there are others of your paintings that I love too. Do you try to compose your pictures with the camera first? Let us know when your book comes out. SQ