Monday, June 26, 2006

This painting is another knife work title "kitchen party"

It's a bit old ,but i have nothing left to enter for juried show coming up

I usually do well , but as time goes by and I sell more work I feel strong enough to face refusal

I've been thinking about underpainting in colors and how much I like that and how much I like to see that the canvas or board has not been entirely covered

I think this is what i'll learn next using that underpainting as a middle ground and not covering everything with thick paint


Ed Maskevich said...

One of the ways that I do underpainting is to use discord or complementary colors so that if any area not covered in heavier paint shows through then there will be a slight "edge" to it.

Tracy said...

I like this piece a lot, Amber. It makes me yearn to do more figurative work, something I want to do but have little time to focus on it. I like the washy-ness of a barely covered underpainting.

amber said...

Thanks Tracy
Funny your work makes me wnat to do landscapes something I rarely do